A Tribute to

Kyle James Yothers

Even as the days pass, the void within still seems to grow. My heart feels as though its strength falters while longing for the warmth that is my son. In all my most vivid of dreams has there ever been such a remarkable sensation to hold and possess such a thing. The words "My Son" and "My Child" rolling from my lips send my emotions to the depths of my soul. I can recount endless moments in the 3 weeks of my life that included him that would provide the remainder of my life with joy. The explosion and brilliance of his soul within mine leaves me with an ever higher peak on the mountain that I would never find the summit. He has the beauty that I see in my wife, he has the hope I see in my daughter, he has the strength I can feel in my arms, and he has the joy that I hoped to obtain.

During his short life I have asked my God for help. I explained to him the great love I have for Kyle that he might leave him in my care so I might show him how to love. Let him feel the great love from his sister, and the profound love from his mother. I prayed daily, nightly, and through every drop of tear when I would see Kyle. And as the drama unfolded before my eyes, and the tragedy played itself out, I am left with a final realization that God did answer at least one of my prayers. The prayer for peace. Give him peace. Take from me whatever you need but give my son peace.

I have no answers, only questions. As I continue to fumble along while night passes day, the enormous waves of helping hands, and comforting embraces abides the storm I travel in. I do not question the strand of life and why it was so short, or why God decided he wanted Kyle more than I. I know why God wanted him more than I. He was love. Kyle reminded me that there is no shame in love, and that I should share that love with as many as I can. He is my permanent reminder, love is to be shared. Maybe this was Gods way.

I am reminded of great love through everyone that Kyle has touched. Physically, mentally, and spiritually. I tribute this page to Kyle, and to the wondrous spirits that joined with him on his parting. This is a tribute to everyone of you who promised us a hand, whether we used it or not, it meant so very much to us. I am aghast at the outpouring we have received. And I look upon my co-workers with a new lens that seems to be much clearer and less cloudy. I stand within the well looking up for help, and become astounded by the number of hands sent to me. Praise and thanks to all of you. There could never be enough thank you, there could never be enough praise to all of you whom have flocked unprovoked to mine, and my family's side in our time of need.

My love shared to you,
without restraint,
& unyielding.

James Albert Yothers
& Family

Jim @ Yothers . com

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Buzz Stiles
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Respect paid and Dedicated to Kyle by:

Kjerste Rae Gunderson
Jay, Vivian and Joshua Yothers
Robert and Sharon Gunderson
Wendy and Buzz Stiles
Gary, Nicole, Bobby and Cailynne Gunderson
Steve, Kelly and Eric Gunderson
Paul, Kitty, Kelly, Katie, Andrea, and Jacob Gunderson
Mrs Bris and Daddy Po
Sam, Lynn, Mara, and Lauren Yothers
Judy Mclean
Shannon and Chris
Karen Crouse
Janeen and Nathan Blachert
Frank and Arla Bernard
Faye Sotomayer
Verdian Helgeson
Arlene Weichel
Mary Ellen Belan
Marsha and Howard Jessup
Julie and Mark Williams
Elmer and Ione Olsens
Susan and Walt Jones
Joel, Jill Mitchell and Family
Marlene and Judy Lom
Sean, Melissa Sullivan and Family
Dennis, Rose Alexander and Family
Gary, Linda, Kari, and Jeremy Radke
Rick and DiAnn Stearns
Aimee Stearns
Alyce Hanson
Julie Gagnon
Michelle During
Larry and Arty Steinhaus
Bev Sandahl
Donna Bishop
Pete, Shiela Reiner and Family
Doug, Janet and Alejandro Rydburg
Annette Gerlach
Emily Jurek
Megan Raymos
Melissa Westfall
Marge Stalboerger
Jim and Tami Paulson
Verne and Barb Gunderson
Pat and Christine Moliter
CC and Larry
Amy, Matt Conzets and Family
Eileen, Eric & Jenn
Penny (AG)
Coreen Anderson
Ben and Kim Camacho
Beth, Brett, and Rachel Marans
Bipin Parmar
Bonnie Baker
Dawn Wilch
Elisa Jagerson
Erin Rich
Hiedi and Matt Lail
Phil and Jacque Danielson
Melanie Frazier
Jeffery Morrell
Laura Brasfield
Sandy Townley
Jeff, Rosemary, Jaclyn and Jeremy Spoljarik
Stacie Dahblin
Tara Stout
Helen Girard
Glenn and Eunice Thorson
Jessie Remmers
Amy Eder
Linda Burri
Roger, Sue, Andy and John
Steve, Trisha Seifert and Family
Jim, Karen Zeglin and Family
Tom, Kelly Katusky and Family
Lela and Gerald Schaefer
Brett, Kari Bernard and Family
Tony, Scott Mcloed and Family
Charlie, Jan, and Terri Erbstoesser
Brian Erbstoesser
Bob, Shirley, Curtis, Natasha Church
Ron Fuentes
Janice Cross (threeXnice)
Nikki Baily
Robert Rainer
Edward Peabody
Mike and Alisha Johnson
Charles and Jennifer Ort
Chad and Leslie
Ty and Kim Rogers
Charles and Christy Bradley
Clint and Marcia Warren
Roger, Sue Steen and Family
Brianna DeValk and Family
Rick, Nancy and Laura Bock
Traci, Phil Rondeau and Family
Deana, Jon and Shea-Elle McLean
Shirley Thompson
Lil Chester

Dr Greg Wright
Dr Frank Moga
Anna, Jayme, & Maria - PICU Nurses
Diana Dingley - ChildLife Specialist

Pamela Eickstadt
Jolene Hueber
Janet Daninger
Jessica Smith
Steve Neseth
Beverly Freimuth
Ken and Elouise Johnson
Mike Johnson
Brian and Teri Johnson
Clark Rivard
Rob DeWidt
Erika Hauschildt
Ward Rabuse
Alicia Timlin
Brent Ringate
Bonnie Ringate
Renee Retka
Jennifer A Oleson
Maureen Doherty
Sue Myers
Andy Cossette
Lan Lu
Mike Talbot
Ying Xue
Christine Woiwor
Dan D'Aloia
Karen Irwin
Marie and Mike Mercier
Rachel Floding
Amanda Niedert
Holly Stanus
Daisy Miles
Chris and Savill Inman
David and Jaymi Kohn
Don Nelson
Ronda Fenlon
Deb Fields
Candy Crawford
Dave Manderfield
Bude Eckstrum
John Brand
Pat Minton
Mike Roberts
Jeff Lindemann
Kim Pham
Ron Pierre
Akim Islam
Wendal Johnson
Ed Johnson
Jim and Sue Graybill
Amy Draeger
Renee Anding
Randy Snortheim
Heidi Peskie
Tom Spindler
Jodie Gardner
Wayne Peters
Diane Brussow
Linda Ziemendorf
Mark Gadke
Michelle Quinlan
Jim O'Conner
Steve Wells
Bruce Anderson and Family

Carol Boelter
Jill Surerdfeger
Vicki Davis
Trisha R.?
Donna ??
Eli and Laura Wolter
Aimee Peterson
Kim and John Purmort
Janet Brown
Dione Lowe
Leon Kline
Rick Levchak
Mark Baker
Julie Bruggeman
Connie and Evan Bruggeman
Suzie Glodek
Raelene Posey
Pamela Bimbi and April Robertson
Joyce Bimbi

CMS Marshfield
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Marshfield Work Place of Choice
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Coborns Floral
Dare's Funeral Services
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Central Lutheran Church
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