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Ok, so I am just as slow as updating as before. My sincerest apologies of course. It’s just been soooo busy. There are very many people that need prayers right now. Staying connected and reading about everyone is heartbreaking. DaddyPo still is not out of the woods yet, Sandi still hasn’t found if she is making head way against Leukemia, still grieving the loss of uncle Jim, Janeen got married, Heather got married (!?!?!?) , Jamie is going to get married, etc… things go on and on. And I figure with so much reality TV on might as well take a good look around at ourselves. I changed Jobs on the first, and we have come to the conclusion staying in this house isn’t going to cut it. I could swing it, but cost just too much right now. So now that the sparkles have cleared from our eyes we will be moving on… So get a look at it before I take it down. I will be putting a write up on my trip to PA with the pictures from Janeen's wedding, and the little get together we had at Mrs. Bris’s and DaddyPo's. That will be on the next update.

01/05/09 Happy New Year!

10/01/08 Attempting the Photo Albums - Give it a Go!

04/08/05 to 04/01/08
Lost the web server - and my backups... :(

12/12/04 New Arrival!! Faith Brooke Yothers

03/06/04 to 03/25/04 Kyle

12/12/04 Yes! The site got a face lift!

11/20/03 Finally I get my butt moving and get the new site up.

01/06/03 Ok, so I am just as slow as updating as before.

08/22/02 Moved the home site closer to me. It now resides on

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