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Yes the site got a face lift!! Yeay!!

This year has been slightly (just a teensiee) bit busy for me. I had this site in the wings, and just polishing the code. I found myself using it more than the normal site, which I figured others would like it too. So here it is.

I have stopped attempting to bring the forum back. Not many have asked for it or made too much of a mention. I do have it available, if you would like it please let me know.

REMEMBER!!! Please keep sending your pictures

I have a better format now and it makes it much easier to add pictures. Still developing the login and add pictures on your own to get me out of the picture. If you have a site you want me to link to or you have developed your own web site and don't want to pay to have it hosted, or have those gosh darn banners the site keeps putting in it for you, let me know. I can put it here in the web pages section.

I do still intend to end up making the site and pictures for the most part hands off on my part, so you will use your login and passwords to connect up. I have ways for you to do it now, but it is not intuitive. If your fairly computer savy let me know and I can walk you through it.


01/05/09 Happy New Year!

10/01/08 Attempting the Photo Albums - Give it a Go!

04/08/05 to 04/01/08
Lost the web server - and my backups... :(

12/12/04 New Arrival!! Faith Brooke Yothers

03/06/04 to 03/25/04 Kyle

12/12/04 Yes! The site got a face lift!

11/20/03 Finally I get my butt moving and get the new site up.

01/06/03 Ok, so I am just as slow as updating as before.

08/22/02 Moved the home site closer to me. It now resides on

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