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Well it’s been a long time in coming just getting this NEW bulletin out. Life has been CRAZY busy, and I realize now more than ever how fast it goes by the older I get. My babies are growing SO fast, and my friends children are HUGE and going into college!

Additionally 40 is starting to creep around the corner and AARP is letting me know where I live.

Sadly I start this year off without employment. With the economy in the tank my employer couldn't handle having me aboard and they let me go at the end of 2008. The place I had made plans retiring at... it really is a bummer, and there are SOO many good people still left there.

Moving along - I have been given the chance to take a breath and look around. If it was summer time I would do more work on the house, but seeing how I shouldn't spend money and its cold outside, I am inside coding away. I have fixed a bunch of broken stuff on the site here. And I am playing with new functionality. I don't know if I will ever get to blackberry size the entire site with CSS, but who knows!

If you happen to notice something out of place or not working, please give me a heads up. Let me know how you got there too so I can emulate the problem!

Happy New Year!

01/05/09 Happy New Year!

10/01/08 Attempting the Photo Albums - Give it a Go!

04/08/05 to 04/01/08
Lost the web server - and my backups... :(

12/12/04 New Arrival!! Faith Brooke Yothers

03/06/04 to 03/25/04 Kyle

12/12/04 Yes! The site got a face lift!

11/20/03 Finally I get my butt moving and get the new site up.

01/06/03 Ok, so I am just as slow as updating as before.

08/22/02 Moved the home site closer to me. It now resides on

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